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Farm dedicated to breeding all of our poultry and waterfowl toward the A.P.A standard and preserving

the Wyandotte breed of poultry in both bantam and large fowl.

Butterscotch Call Ducks


As of 2015 I am still working hard on the Butterscotch Calls, I have sold many of my show birds and have rolled up my sleeves and I am hard at work trying to hatch lots of ducklings and improve what I have. If anything I am more invigorated than ever when it comes to my favorite variety of call ducks. So I hope to see you at the shows in the call duck area.

 Butterscotch Calls are my favorite variety of all the colors available in call ducks. It is a complicated color to breed and show, but a hen with good color really stands out from the crowd at the shows. I have gathered breeding stock from all over and then closed my line to outside blood, when I first started breeding the butterscotch they were a bigger call, with longer bills, and it was very difficult to find any butter drakes that were decent. 

2009 Butterscotch National Champion

with a 2009 Butterscotch Cockerel

(son of 2008 National Champion "Butter Bean")

class of 87 butterscotch Iowa Nov. 2009

we placed 1-5 in pullets and 1-3 in cockerels

2nd and 5th in old drakes

Reserve Display with our Butterscotch with over 660 call ducks entered 


       2011 & 2012 National Call Breeders Champion


2010 Reserve National Champion


  2008 Butterscotch National Champion


Meet "Butterbean" winner of the 2008 Call Duck Nationals in Butterscotch, class of 49 Butterscotch!   


     Butterbean and his "lady"

 fall 2009



Our butterscotch hens also do well at the shows: 



 2009 hatched Pullet BV In Jrs. Green River Show


Flock of 2008 hatched Butterscotch

2009 hatch Butter cockerel