Foley's Waterfowl & Poultry

Farm dedicated to breeding all of our poultry and waterfowl toward the A.P.A standard and preserving

the Wyandotte breed of poultry in both bantam and large fowl.

 National Call Duck meet Iowa City, Iowa Nov. 2009


2009 National Champion Butterscotch & BV

with a 2009 Butterscotch Cockerel

(son of our 2008 National Champion "Butter Bean")

class of 87 butterscotch Iowa Nov. 2009

we placed 1-5 in pullets and 1-3 in cockerels

2nd and 5th in old drakes

Reserve Display with our Butterscotch with over 660 call ducks entered 


2009 National Champion Buff & Reserve National Champion

BV & RV with our 2 buff hens


Junior Show


Jr. National 2009 Champion Magpie

BV Magpie Old Drake


Jr. National Champion Pastel

BV Pastel Hen

Art Lundgren hen


                       2008 Call Duck Nationals Report!!


We recently attended the 2008 Call Duck Nationals held at  Columbus, Oh. and we had a great time meeting old friends and making new ones. We also took this great opportunity to improve our breeding stock in self-black calls and Sebastobol Geese...and what the heck we also entered a few call ducks while we were there and here are the results: 

National Butterscotch Champion


"Butter Bean"


 BV Butterscotch class of 49 butters!!

2nd Butterscotch Pullets

4th Butterscotch Cockerels

1st Chocolate Hens

RV Self Black

2nd Self Black drake

3rd Appleyard Pullet

National Junior Reserve Champion 2008, Ohio Nationals

Magpie Cockerel



We also attend other shows through the year.......our winnings by variety can be found on other pages, but not all of our winnings make it to the website.