Foley's Waterfowl & Poultry

Farm dedicated to breeding all of our poultry and waterfowl toward the A.P.A standard and preserving

the Wyandotte breed of poultry in both bantam and large fowl.

                     2010 White National Champion

I bought this guy from Art Lundgren as a cockerel last year and he won BV at the Call Breeders National at Shawnee, OK. Thanks goes out to Art for letting me have him.

                       WHITE CALL DUCKS

I no longer have White Call Ducks, but didn't have the heart to delete this page.

Honestly I think I just got lucky with my whites...... I judged and raised AKC Field Trial Beagles for 25 years and I did apply a lot of the knowledge I picked up to the call duck breeding pens. When raising beagles you were lucky to have raised 10 pups out of a very good female beagle in her life time..with call ducks you can raise 20-30 out of good hen in one season, the numbers game.

A special thanks goes out to Art Lundgren, not only is he a top call duck breeder, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Art let me have some really nice whites last year and I ended up showing the drake...he was just too nice to leave in the breeding pen

My breeders are really producing nice typey call ducklings for me, I always try to pick out what I am looking for in a good call duck and match the breeders together, I keep very good records and that helps a lot when line breeding.

 Eli had been to the shows before, but this time was different.  We felt he was old enough to participate in the JR show.  He follows us around the barnyard with his own feed bucket and he loves to help water the ducks. Daddy let him pick out any duck he wanted and this is the one he picked.  He named him Woody....(die hard Toy Story fan).  Eli went to his first poultry show on May 21st and placed Best Bantam Duck, ABA Champion Bantam, and Reserve Super Grand Champion of the JR show. Great Job Eli!



 Also look for a call duck that is exactly what you want in a show duck, then breed it to another good duck. Some breeders will try and match a duck that doesn't have a very good bill to a duck that does have a good bill....I think you would still get a lot of ducklings with bad will save money in the long haul by buying a good pair of breeders or you can work and buy and work and buy for 3 years to raise a pair of call ducks that you could have bought 3 years ago for $200. You do the math...I bought the best I could find to use as breeders......




                              Fall 2010 shows


Green River Fall Show 

Reserve Champ. Bantam Duck & Reserve Breed on old White Drake 

                 Ohio Nationals                     

2nd old White Drake

2nd White Pullet

Shawnee, OK APA Nationals

BV and Reserve Breed on a Art Lundgren White Drake